Technology in Food Production Has Reasons for Existing

So often when the discussion of food production and farming comes up it seems a bad thing to discuss technology. We wouldn’t think of doing without electronic banking, cellular phones or ATMs. Going into the bank? How inefficient! We have cars and appliances that notify us when maintenance is needed. We have technology surrounding us […]

Golden Plains Returning

  Beneath the spacious skies, amber waves of grain are returning to the plains. The winter wheat has begun to ripen. Even the roadside has produced some plants of wheat among the stones and gravel that comprise the  trails that serv…

Feeding America Past and Present

So often we hear how farmers should go to the way it used to be. I wonder how many remember what that was? It’s an ideal, and not far from what we are, but it’s far from what people want to buy. So we work harder.   Do people remember the truth or the picture? […]

You gotta make hay while the sun shines!

Summer is truly my favorite time of the entire year.  The cows are contentedly grazing in the mountain pastures, calves are growing, the corn is stretching higher and higher towards the sun, and life is taking a somewhat slower pace than it does in the winter months. But even while baling hay on a gorgeous […]